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Why Add ASP Spell Checker to ASP.NET 2.0 Applications

One of the useful and neat features in ASP.NET 2.0 applications is the spell checking facility. You probably don’t like to write your own custom built spell checking facility since it take a long time, so you can buy a third party component and slot it into your site. It also can be an investment as it can be reused for other applications.

ASP Spell Check

You can buy the ASP Spell Check which is an excellent component that let you to add spell checking facilities to you web applications. This component can be easily slotted into multiple website technologies, seamlessly integrating with classic ASP, ASP.NET, Macromedia’s Flash Action Script, Java Script and AJAX.

Also, ASP Spell Check can be quickly integrated into basic HTML textbox widgets and can be designed to work with any rich text editors that are usually used in web applications.

Since ASP Spell Check supports custom dictionaries, you are able to insert your own words to its dictionary. This feature will be very helpful if you are building a niche website and like to add some industry terms to be available to the spell checker.

ASP Spell Check is able to spell check in the standard English, Australian English, British English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese and Spanish. Plus, it allows users to use more than one language simultaneously. It will be helpful for multi-lingual web applications that you build or enhance.

The Advantages of ASP Spell Check

  • Impress users.  Visitors of your website will appreciate your effort to make their time on your site more beneficial.
  • Enhance the contents. If your website gets visitors from various people from different language, then it’s a good idea to offer a spell checker. Beside, Google loves well written text.
  • Keep you away from those irritating ‘on this page there is a spelling error’ emails from your website users.

ASP Spell Check definitely will give your website better performance and make it user friendly, therefore can attract more visitors. Don’t give a second thought, add ASP Spell Check into your website immediately.

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