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Which ASP.NET Hosting Platform Suitable for Your Site


Getting your webpage on the internet can be a challenge sometimes. Especially, when you are a newbie and have a little know-how on web development. If you want to build a website, you can hire a web designer, web programmer or any other experts. But you should decide by yourself what kind CMS you want to use, the web design, the web hosting provider, etc. Therefore, you must provide yourself with basic knowledge of the web development.
One of the important steps you have to take before starting your website is how to choose the proper web hosting platform. From all options of web platform available, ASP.NET web hosting is been a looked-for by lots of company. ASP.NET web hosting gets its reputation from its numerous advantages.

ASP.NET hosting plans has several type of hosting that may appropriate with what you need. They are explained in the followings:

  • ASP .NET Shared Hosting:

ASP.NET shared hosting allow web hosting provider to distribute a full portion of server to the
hosting plan allocate to you. When you purchase this hosting plan, you will get a fixed amount of disk space and bandwith as a dedicated resource.

In shared web hosting services you won’t be able to install any program like backup software or Windows server operating system that need to run the site smoothly. You will not be allowed to configure IIS server in accordance to your needs and in addition some IIS functions such as dynamic compression will also not be accessible to you in shared hosting environment.

  • ASP.NET VPS Hosting:

This web hosting platform is based on the virtualization technology for Windows Server and serves as the main entry point for the ASP.NET hosting. ASP.NET VPS hosting offers a dedicated instance of a Windows Server operating system that run with other VPS on the same server. You will have a separate site from other users on single server and can install backup utilities and setup IIS and SQL server.

An all-inclusive VPS Hosting plans offers a full range of dedicated resources like disk space, bandwidth, memory and CPU altogether though there are still some disagreement among the providers of  web hosting services pertaining the  quoting of CPU resource.

  • ASP.NET Dedicated Server Hosting:

If you need applications with high resource requirement, it is recommended that you choose ASP.NET Dedicated Server hosting. The major limiting factor of this kind of hosting is that although the memory is dedicated for the hosting plan, the CPU and disk I/O resources are shared with other VPS plans across the same server.

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