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Monthly Archives: October 2011

5 Tips Before Starting Reseller Hosting Business

  Reseller hosting is a business method by purchasing hosting space and selling it to website owners. This means a reseller buys hosting space in certain size than sells this space in smaller portions to individual website owners. Doing reseller hosting business is very practical particularly when you do not want to begin significant by buying machines and investing a …

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10 Best WordPress Plugins

  The plugins features that can be included to improve the features of the website are piece of what can make WordPress so wonderful. Anyway,   I’d discuss with you the ten top plugins that I think every website needs to run properly. There’s other plugins out there that do identical issues but from my own screening & many test & …

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How to Design Website Templates by Yourself

  Template design plays a major impact for the whole of a website. An attractive template will draw users to your website, even if your products or services are not what they are looking for. Vice versa, an ugly template is bad for the eyes and push users away. The simplest way to have a good and attractive web template …

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How to Create Your Best Keywords (3)

Troubleshooting Keyword Woes Finding the right keywords for your pages proves to be much more of an art than an exact science, requiring patience and trial and error. At most, you just increase the chance to rank your page in search engine listings. There could be other problems with your market or page holding you back as well. Problem 1 …

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The Benefits of Creating Wiki with WSS 3 SharePoint Hosting

    SharePoint is software that can connect people with the information and resources they need. With SharePoint, a workgroups can coordinate calendars, organize client documents, set up notifications and create team workspaces. If you have a website hosted in SharePoint with WSS 3 then you have a great tool for collaboration. It allows you and your team members to …

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How to Create Your Best Keywords (2)

In post (1) I have written some steps should be taken before creating good keywords. In this post I will write more about how to implement the elements based on post (1) that you have created and done. 10 Steps of Keyword Guide 1. Make a small list of keyword phrases that relate directly to your page’s content. Example: how …

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