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Monthly Archives: October 2011

ASP.NET MVC – How to Overcome Routing Troubles

  ASP.NET MVC framework is another tools who webmasters everywhere be fond of, since it’s not offer you too many ‘surprises’. Those surprises are good only if you can handle the framework golden path.  Once some customizations turn out to be required, you will find that those surprises are hindering. In the ASP.NET MVC framework you can find one of …

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ISAPI Rewrite in ASP.NET

The ideal way to do rewriting for ASP.NET is use both ISAPI in combination with a .NET modue. ISAPI rewrite gives that edge of power over IIS that a class inside ASP.NET can’t, so urls can look like directories (‘/’) rather then .aspx pages, plus the ISAPI rewrite configuration file is very convenient and configurable. The .NET module comes in …

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b2evolution – Another Effective Blogging Software

  b2evolution Blogging Software – What actually is b2evolution? b2evolution is a powerful blog tool you can install on your own website. B2Evolution includes all the features of traditional blog tools, and extends them with evolved features such as file & photo management, advanced skinning, multiple blogs support as well as detailed user permissions. If it complicated to learn and …

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Weblog Software – Managing Your Blogs Online More Easier

What is Weblog Software? Weblog software (also called blog software or blogware) is a category of software which consists of a specialized form of Content Management Systems specifically designed for designing, creating and maintaining weblogs. Benefits Of Using Weblog Software Maintenance through the Internet is a nearly universal feature of weblog software. This is usually done through a browser-based interface, …

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6 Ways to Create Link Building

  If your site appears in other websites, your site will have better ranking on the search engine. This SEO fact you must have heard before. Creating backlinks is necessary for any website owners. Backlinks will be crawled by search engines, the more they crawled your site, the higher possibility your site be on top of search engine list. I’ll …

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Why Windows Hosting is Better than Linux Hosting

Computer users around the world have one common which is the operating system they used. In the world today there are two most widely used operating systems, Windows and Linux. As more and more company and personal creating their businesses presence in the world-wide web, these two operating systems also gain more popularity. Hosting businesses and services website in Windows …

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