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5 Tips Before Starting Reseller Hosting Business

5 tips before starting a reseller hosting business


Reseller hosting is a business method by purchasing hosting space and selling it to website owners. This means a reseller buys hosting space in certain size than sells this space in smaller portions to individual website owners.

Doing reseller hosting business is very practical particularly when you do not want to begin significant by buying machines and investing a lot of money in data facilities and technology. However, it is a kind of company and hence requires research, thought and lots of planning like all other businesses. If you are aiming to begin a supplier web host, use the following tips as a guide.

1. Research and Planning

Every good business person knows that one must completed some planning and researching. These two process have must been done in order to know the market well enough and have a plan for everything before you enter. Market research and planning usually includes market awareness in terms of competition, demand of hosting plans, pricing and suppliers of reseller hosting.

2. Select a Niche

Since reseller hosting business are usually small, try to aim your hosting packages to a niche market. For example, you may sell hosting programs only to smaller firms or personal internet marketers in the beginning. This will control your risk level and will also let you to achieve a better insight of the hosting current market.

3. Choose Suppliers

You must understand that your hosting provider can make or break your business with their hosting plans, reliability and performance. So you have to select web hosting provider wisely. One of the most important elements you need to find out before opt a web hosting provider is its downtime. If the web hosting provider has frequent downtime problems, you will wind up losing clients not because you didn’t present excellence services but because you didn’t choose your hosting provider wisely.

4. Use Marketing Tools

Web hosting business has huge market but it also contains enormous competitor. If you can’t differentiate your business from other reseller, your business may fail. The hosting industry is very competitive and a new reseller hosting business does not only face competition from other reseller hosing firms but also from national and international hosting providers. Therefore, if you do not use marketing tools such as advertising, promotions via discounts and coupons and word of mouth, you will be lost in the myriad of hosting providers which people are unaware of. Thus, make your presence known.

5. Have a Professional Website

With the popularity of the hosting industry, people think starting a hosting business is very easy. However, it requires lots of thinking and toil before you launch yourself into the market. Businesses do not succeed because of investment or the uniqueness of an idea. They succeed because of proper planning and research.

Although you might just be selling services of other hosting companies, you will still need a completely sensible and professional looking web page. Being generally an online company, the value of a web page for reseller hosting business cannot be overlook. Having a website is also essential, as it gives your company reliability and legal position. Include all the information regarding your company and companies on the web page as it is a trip to your hosting company.

With hosting industry reputation, people think beginning a hosting company is very easy. Though, it needs lots of thinking and work before you start yourself into the market.  Your business will not succeed because of expense or the styles of an idea. You will succeed because of proper planning and research.


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