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Why Windows Hosting is Better than Linux Hosting

why windows hosting

Computer users around the world have one common which is the operating system they used. In the world today there are two most widely used operating systems, Windows and Linux. As more and more company and personal creating their businesses presence in the world-wide web, these two operating systems also gain more popularity. Hosting businesses and services website in Windows platform appear to be more beneficial.

If you are planning to get a business website, you should take a look what Window hosting is. The followings are simple but comprehensive description.

Windows Hosting

If you usually work with Windows operating system, you probably would like to host your website in Windows too, as both are produced by Microsoft.  Compare to Linux, Windows have more advantages and features.  Windows servers include Microsoft Access, MS SQL, ASP (ASP.NET) and Microsoft FrontPage. Don’t get confused with the terms, Windows servers has the same meaning with Windows hosting.

ASP, FrontPage, Access, and SQL

ASP (Active Server Pages) enables you to create dynamic and interactive web pages. ASP uses server-side scripting to dynamically produce webpages that are not affected by the type of browser the visitor is using. Microsoft has made some improvement in ASP technology thus now there is ASP.NET as the successor of Classic ASP. FrontPage is a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to create a webpage the way you want it to look. FrontPage will add HTML codes so your webpages will look as you want it to look on the screen. Microsoft Access is a great means to create connection between two or more different thing, such as to make contact to a customer or connect several products data. MS SQL is a database that is used to store up data and information.

Advantages and disadvantages

Compared to Linux, Windows servers has larger databases that beneficial if you have large data to be stored. With the Microsoft technology, you can easily install any tools that are available on Windows server. If you use Linux servers the, you have to search and install the right tools one by one.  However, hosting a website with Windows hosting will cost you more money mainly because of Microsoft licensing real.

Why Windows Hosting

Even though opting between Windows hosting and Linux hosting is entirely depends on personal preference but let’s be fair here, Windows hosting definitely has more benefits that Linux hosting.  With Microsoft technology behind Windows hosting, you can count on its constant improvement.  You can rely to be up-dated to the last web development technology and better performance. Last research said that Windows hosting is more secure than Linux hosting which is more vulnerable and easier to hack.

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