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Monthly Archives: September 2011

5 Common Mistakes of Small Business Websites

How many small online businesses succeed in making profit for the owner? The truth is maybe quite shocking, according to a recent survey, 90% of small business website only received little to no money. Why did it happen? Apparently, it is because most of the owners of small business websites make the same mistake. Despite SEO and other website optimizing …

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Web Development – Some Programing Languages You Should Know

  How many programming languages are actually useful when it comes to develop an online website? If you have built a website of your own, you must know that it takes time to understand all of those languages. And you also wonder whether you really need to understand all of them or not. The following is the list of those …

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How to Customize a Drupal Page

The Drupal cms can be one good option when you want to build a website. Drupal has many possibilities that web designers can use to represent the content exactly as they want. The best way to use Drupal is by using the template naming convention to your advantage. That way you can gain control of a specific page you have …

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What Your Bounce Rate Tell about Your Site

According to Google, Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page. The more compelling your landing pages, the more visitors will stay on your site and convert.  You can see how high your site’s bounce rate is on Google Analytic, but you have to sign up …

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E-commerce – The Pros & Cons of E-commerce

In the past, small businesses which only have smaller number of customers could only affect limited flow of the market. Nowadays, by using e-commerce, every types of business have no limit. E-commerce has boomed and gets its popularity as it offers advantages like, easy to implement, manage and simple to use. E-commerce is generally considered to be the sales aspect …

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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Windows Hosting

There are 3 reasons you should prefer Windows hosting when setting up a server plan: 1. The software applications that run on the server are often Windows based. Whenever that is the case, you must have a Windows operating system running on the server in order to make this possible. Microsoft does not allow their tools and databases to be …

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