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Monthly Archives: September 2011

What is Umbraco CMS?

Umbraco is a developer friendly content management system (CMS) that is highly customizable, easy to use and powerful. It is a quick and easy to create websites or even a complex websites. It is a CMS that can support any modern browser and that even allows editing with Microsoft Word.  It gives full control over the templates, content and more. ...
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The Key Benefits of SharePoint Hosting

SharePoint hosting offers a notable compilation of tools and applications to improve the effectiveness of the website. SharePoint provides tools for document management, process management, collaboration and more. SharePoint hosting allows users to add Web components, also make lists management and document libraries easy to use. An easy to use interface is provided to manage resources efficiently. With SharePoint hosting ...
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4 Points to Consider Before Choosing a Dedicated Server

Decide what dedicated server hosting you are going to use for your business online is not an easy step.  Your decision will do good or it will harm your website. Downtime, thoughtless support, bad network will crush your website and revenue very fast.  There are four points that you should regard if selecting a dedicated server host:
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300% Bandwith Promo at SeekDotNet New Dedicated Server Hosting

SeekDotNet , the world’s leading provider of web hosting, including dedicated server, shared and enterprise-grade solutions, today announces their brand new high-range dedicated server hosting. These brand new dedicated server hosting from SeekDotNet comes with Windows OS, unlimited Plesk v.10 control panel, MySql and MsSql Express.  Starting from a very reasonable price of $ 239 per month, these brand new ...
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Web Design – 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Having an appealing website is necessary for companies or business that just a debut in the competitive arena. An appealing website will boost up company’s name and enhance the brand awareness of your business. According to some internet marketing specialist, the quality of web design is the main focus of a successful website. A website with high quality web design ...
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SEO and Multilingual Websites

The worldwide web has transformed the world into a smaller place. Now, everyone can reach anyone in the other side of the world just by one click. The internet is what the term globalization is all about. To communicate with others, we need to speak in the same language. English is often cited as the language of the internet. Is ...
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