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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Windows Hosting

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There are 3 reasons you should prefer Windows hosting when setting up a server plan:

1. The software applications that run on the server are often Windows based.

Whenever that is the case, you must have a Windows operating system running on the server in order to make this possible. Microsoft does not allow their tools and databases to be run on Linux servers. Therefore, those who choose Linux hosting plans cannot use Microsoft’s well known tools. Those include: Access, Windows VPS, and many others.

While some do not like the distance of time between software updates with Microsoft’s products, it is arguably worth the wait. The rationale here is two-fold. For one, the fact of the matter is that a corporation like Microsoft has greater quality control, versus open source software which has less accountability behind it. Secondly, the wait between updates means that more time was spent in beta stages working out the kinks rather than letting the users be the guinea pigs, so to speak. Thus, Windows hosting tools are superior and require you to have their OS on the server you use.

2. The user friendly nature of Microsoft’s software is another factor that proponents say renders Linux hosting an inferior choice.

The available tutorials and support for Windows based hosting tools is far more widespread and reliable. Linux software in a sense leaves the users on their own to fend for themselves. That is not an appropriate position to leave you in when it comes to being a webmaster.

You want the ability to know that if an issue arises, there is solid information that will be almost guaranteed to work to resolve it, such as that found on the official Microsoft website. If you are not in IT yourself, you may not realize that even professionals in information technology refer to this official site for much of the information they use to resolve server issues.

3. Windows hosting allows all of the software tools to be integrated into the server’s OS.

Instead of being required to hand pick every needed database and tool, everything is basically included in a Windows server. This removes the guesswork from the process, and also ensures that all of the software will work in tandem in a cohesive manner. Programs like ASP.NET, MySQL, and PHP are examples. The ability to feature cross browser script libraries of Java and ASP scripts is indispensable.

With Linux hosting, you may be required to research each piece of software you use on your server and hope they all can work together without glitches. If you happen to be an expert with Linux, then this may not be as big of an issue for you. However, most webmaster’s knowledge of this OS is a bit limited.

While Linux is growing in popularity, especially in the server market, it is still beneficial to opt for Windows hosting since it has the corporate entity behind it, backing up the product at every point. This accountability alone makes it worth considering Windows hosting.

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