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Web Development – Some Programing Languages You Should Know


How many programming languages are actually useful when it comes to develop an online website? If you have built a website of your own, you must know that it takes time to understand all of those languages. And you also wonder whether you really need to understand all of them or not. The following is the list of those web development languages that I think we will need to learn before we can create a better web site.

  1. HTML and XHTML – We will definitely need them if we want to create a website by ourselves.
  2. CSS – This plus the HTML is a ‘must learn’ if we want to design a web page by ourselves.
  3. PHP – You will definitely need this one if you want to become a web application developer for Facebook, Twitter and Bebo.
  4. MySQL – This is not quite a programming language and it is use to handle data types, often been used together with PHP for web application development.
  5. Javascript – This is the most useful amongst the five. It is use to create web application, to create Chrome and Firefox browser’s Add-Ons and also use for the widgets design.

Besides those five most important programming languages above, here are another three optional programming languages that you might need if you want to develop more sophisticated website, game and iPhone application:

  1. Java EE – The Java programming language for the next generation web site.
  2. J2ME – The Java programming language we need to learn before we learn the other mobile development languages.
  3. ActionScript – Programming language for flash game developer.

As to comprehend a particular programming language, we will need to understand the rules that set by that language developer. The programming language that we have learned actually is not the language we use to communicate with the computer, because the language we have written will then get translated into 1 and 0 type of machine language by the compiler in order for the computer to understand those instructions written by a programmer, although we do not need to know about all this process, but we do need to follow the rule set by that language developer so we will not get any error message which tells us that there is something wrong with our code. For example, we need to understand the Document Object Model of Javascript and to master the If-else control statement for most of the programming languages above except HTML, CSS and MySQL.

Most of the programming languages do have some resemblance, for example, the Object Class Model of PHP and Java looks almost identical, therefore, after we have mastered one programming language, it will be a lot easier for us to learn the second one. All those languages above are browser friendly except Javascript which we will need to write different codes for different types of browser like Chrome, Firefox and IE (but we can always use jQuery if we choose not to write extra coding for different browsers).

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