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Is Buying High PR Domains Wise?

is buying high pr domain wise

As many people have discovered, you can buy domains with high page rank (PR) as PR4 or more auctions like eBay. Why would anyone pay a significant amount of money for just a domain that does not even come to a company website or hosting?

Well, the main reason is that people can take this great domain of public relations and used to host a website with the main purpose of links to sites with lower PR or no PR. Since search engines visit high PR sites more often than low PR sites, the idea is that the spiders visit high PR site and then follow the links to lower PR sites. This strategy may allow the lower PR sites to be indexed faster search engines, and with enough links to high PR sites, the PR of the linked sites could increase.

While this may sound like an excellent idea, there are a couple of things to see in the purchase

  1. Unscrupulous sellers have been known to fake PR. Without going into how to do this, you should use free online tools such as and independently verify the PR of the domain you are considering buying. You must also install the Google toolbar on your computer so you can always see the PR of the sites you visit.
  2. The PR may not last beyond the next time Google computes PR. Sellers never guarantee the PR will run for a period of time, and for good reason. How does Google exactly PR is a mystery and changes frequently. A PR5 domain could be a PR0 domain the next time Google runs their PR algorithms, and oops – there goes your investment. If you find a legitimate domain with high PR that lasts, a backlink from the website domain to a lower PR website may not be all that effective. Search engines look at the “relevance” of backlinks, and if the domain of high PR is “chambers”, then be able to provide links to relevant sites about cameras only.
  3. A backlink from a high PR site is like a drop in the ocean. It takes many backlinks to get and maintain a high PR and consistently high indexing over time. Buying a lot of high PR domains to get a good ranking and indexing could end up being a very expensive proposition.

So look before you leap when considering buying a high PR domain. There are many other less expensive ways to make indexing and PR that you might want to consider before putting money for a domain whose PR may in the end, little good.

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