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Understanding IMAP, POP3 and SMTP

If you spend lots of time using internet and email, you are probably familiar with POP3, IMAP and SMTP. Yes, these three protocols are well-known as the commonly used internet email configurations.  IMAP, POP3, and SMTP, each has unique function and specific feature. Considering that emails have been the inseparable thing to most people’s needs right now, it is better …

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The Benefits of Using Smartermail Server

Smartermail is known as the best mail server software nowadays because it comes with some interesting features that can manage your mail better. Considering some risks and problems like spam, unstable system, sync issues and many more, you really need this software especially if you run the business mail. It is for sure that you have to protect your mail …

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How to Set Email Forwarding On Smartermail

How to Set Email Forwarding with or without Deleting the Original Email Message Smartermail is a feature that is usually used by hosting provider in running the email application. For some reasons, many users may have to forward the incoming message to their Smarterail account to the other email account. Actually, users can set the email forwarding to e automatically …

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Daily Maintenance for your Dedicated Mail Server

Maintenance, especially daily maintenance is important for any servers, included the dedicated mail server. These daily maintenance can prevent dedicated mail server from any problems like a server failure and also the server crash. That is why; having maintenance, especially the daily maintenance is essential. Below is some daily maintenance for your dedicated mail server that is really important to …

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Why Mail Server Keep Being Marked as Spam

Mail Server Keep Being Marked as Spam Why sometimes your email was included to a spam folder so that the email owner will not know that you had already sent an email? This is a problem that sometimes occurred. For this condition, there are some reasons that you can notice. Below is the further explanation. Mail Server is noticed as …

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