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The Benefits of Using Smartermail Server

Smartermail is known as the best mail server software nowadays because it comes with some interesting features that can manage your mail better. Considering some risks and problems like spam, unstable system, sync issues and many more, you really need this software especially if you run the business mail. It is for sure that you have to protect your mail in order to stay away for those problems and threat above. That is why; Smartermail is the right mail server software that can give you some benefits such as:

  1. Document Management

Sending a document can bring some problems and make us stress. Some of those problems are like the size limits and many more. Smartermail has great document management function in which users can be able to upload their documents to their private file spaces directly. Then, they can embed download links to that document at their email messages. This feature brings some benefits like guaranteed delivery, elimination of attachment limit issues and the optional expiration dates for the link.

  1. Instant Messaging

The second benefit of using Smartermail is for the instant messaging. It is more than ever, you can get in touch with your friends and collueagues in real time to support a successful business. Smartermail is completed with instant messaging feature in which you can collaborate and strategize with your co-workers from anywhere in this world by using the mobile clients or desktops.

  1. Administrative Tools

We cannot doubt that easy and access that grant the administrator is one o the important aspects that we can get from email server software. In this case, Smartermail offers the web based interface for domain administrators and also for system. It will make them possible to access their mail servers from anywhere remotely with only the internet connection. Administration can get a lot of benefits because of this feature like the safe and efficient perform configuration and maintenance; utilize the exposed web services to automate tasks that are recurring.

  1. Security Features

The next benefit of smartermail is about its security feature that is called as one of the best security features among the entire mail server. Information of a Company needs to be protected really well that is why you will need the best security features. For this case, Smartermail comes with numerous enhancements in which user can effectively protect their mail servers from any dangers and risks such as security breaches. This security feature is one of the best features that are offered by Smartermail that make it as the most popular mail server in this world. It can be the important consideration as well to use smartermail.

Those are 4 benefits that you can get by using Smartermail. As we know that smartermail is the best mail server at 2017 and it is a good option to use this software. We hope that this article is beneficial for you who are looking for the advantage of smartermail and for you who want to know more about smartermail.

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