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New Silverlight 3

Silverlight 3 hosting Full supported by Visual Studio Hosting , highlights of new features and functionality of Silver light 3 include: major media enhancements, out of browser support allowing Web applications to work on the desktop; significant graphics improvements including 3D graphics support, GPU acceleration and H.264 video support; and many features to improve RIA development productivity. Also, in order …

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How to Choose a Good Windows Web Hosting

There is one area of computing where Microsoft does not dominate, and that’s the web. Microsoft is the biggest and most important software company in the world, and it almost totally owns the corporate market. Web application development framework is used by a larger developer community to build dynamic websites. That Windows 2008 Web Hosting is an issue for anyone …

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What is The Defference Between Unix, Linux and Windows Hosting

Finally you’re completely ready to publish a website and you’re attending for an appropriate hosting provider among billiards of accessible services and tariff schedules. Thus you should notice that the majority of hosting providers use Linux or UNIXs on the web servers. Microsoft Windows Hosting Operating System is offered less often as a choice. So, what is the difference? The …

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Several Advantages Using Windows Hosting

When you are going to building your site, after have domain, you will start with a hosting provider too. Before you choose a hosting company, you should know their main types. You also should know what functions of hosting you will need. That’s the fact if you want get the right hosting provider and the right services that you need. …

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Windows Hosting is the Most Popular Web Hosting Platform

Windows and Linux are the most popular options when it comes to web hosting. A good web hosting will deliver both of two platforms. Web hosting has great functionality which plays a big part in the success of your website. Windows hosting like Windows 2008 hosting with all of the features will assist you to create a good website. Windows …

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What is the different of Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting?

A lot of discussion in the web hosting world is always about the difference of Windows hosting between Linux hosting for making server and who’s the better. We always hearing that and sometimes that question appears when we want to used a host. And some of the big arguments on which between Windows hosting (such as windows 2003 hosting, windows …

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