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How to Choose a Good Windows Web Hosting

There is one area of computing where Microsoft does not dominate, and that’s the web. Microsoft is the biggest and most important software company in the world, and it almost totally owns the corporate market. Web application development framework is used by a larger developer community to build dynamic websites. That Windows 2008 Web Hosting is an issue for anyone working with ASP.NET.

The basic problem isn’t always easy for Windows developers to find a supports asp web hosting and actually knows something about it. Maybe that’s because open source is free whereas Microsoft products are quite expensive, or maybe it’s because generally more difficult to find support staff trained in Microsoft’s web application model.

Windows 2003 Hosting support the components to all web development (like PHP, Perl, MySQL, etc.). However, in addition they must support all major ASP Hosting. They offer MS-AJAX support on ASP.NET, and they let you create web directories with unique permissions and authentication levels, and generate application directories from the control panel.

It means a Windows Hosting company should support Paradox, Visual FoxPro, Excel, the Access JET OLEDB, the Microsoft Database and SQL driver, and PostgreSQL on top of the standard MySQL ODBC drivers. You also want to be sure that all of this is not only available, but that tech support is able to assist if you have questions or encounter a problem.

Many ASP Hosting programmers are still using ASP.NET or manage ASP-based client projects. This means they need specific server object, and the host must support those as well. It gets right back to picking someone familiar with Microsoft’s way of doing web business.

What else do you need for good Windows web hosting? The same as you’d look for in any web host: decent equipment, quick tech support response, competitive pricing, and hosting packages that address our needs.

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