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Windows Hosting is the Most Popular Web Hosting Platform

Windows and Linux are the most popular options when it comes to web hosting. A good web hosting will deliver both of two platforms. Web hosting has great functionality which plays a big part in the success of your website. Windows hosting like Windows 2008 hosting with all of the features will assist you to create a good website.

Windows hosting have many features that enable you to make your website better, it is based on either Microsoft 2003 or 2008. Windows hosting application can build as dynamic web pages using .Net Framework. With its compatibility, this type of web hosting can be use for many types of online business.

Windows hosting is very compatible with Microsoft applications like FrontPage, ASP hosting and that is why it is increasingly becoming more popular. FrontPage is still being use by other people to designing their website, and this is where windows hosting has the advantage. FrontPage is very easy even newbie to understand how it works but is still sufficient for advance users too who using Visual Studio Hosting . With its interactive features, users do not need to have exceptional skills to operate their websites.

Another major factor that has led to the increasing popularity for windows hosting is their support. The component that is build from their IIS till the SQL server is all compatible with one another. This had made a great growth in developers creating applications for the windows platform due to its rising number of users. Furthermore, it works well with open source products like PHP, Perl and MySQL. This is something you cannot do with a Linux hosting.

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