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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Daily Maintenance for your Dedicated Mail Server

Maintenance, especially daily maintenance is important for any servers, included the dedicated mail server. These daily maintenance can prevent dedicated mail server from any problems like a server failure and also the server crash. That is why; having maintenance, especially the daily maintenance is essential. Below is some daily maintenance for your dedicated mail server that is really important to …

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How to Avoid your Mail Server from Blacklist

Avoid Mail Server from Blacklist In the previous article we already explained about the reason why mail server keeps being marked as spam. Actually, there are some tips that we can do to avoid the mail server from blacklist. Below are some of those tips: First of all, make sure that your email is included to the inbox folder and …

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Why Mail Server Keep Being Marked as Spam

Mail Server Keep Being Marked as Spam Why sometimes your email was included to a spam folder so that the email owner will not know that you had already sent an email? This is a problem that sometimes occurred. For this condition, there are some reasons that you can notice. Below is the further explanation. Mail Server is noticed as …

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What’s CDN and how it Works

Have you ever heard about CDN? CDN is an important feature especially for website optimizing. Furthermore, this is an effective way to make a website is faster. Below is the definition of CDN and the explanation of how it works that we will share for you. The Definition of CDN CDN or Content Delivery Network is a server network that …

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Instant Website Builder for the Easy Way to Have a Great Website

Have you ever made a website? Maybe some of you were not experiencing in making a website yet. If you wanted to learn in how to make a website, we have interesting information about website builder. What is this actually? Website builder is a certain device that wills possibly you to make a web page in an easy way even …

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