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Monthly Archives: March 2010

.NET RIA Services in Seekdotnet

Observing tendency in application development, you can see a clear regularity which shows that a lot of applications have being developed in Internet instead of the desktop way. This tendency is taking place in the last years because of the opportunity to create more interactive web applications. Evolution of JavaScript, Silverlight, Flash, etc. makes it possible. Now we see that …

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Visual Studio Developers Should Know About Crystal Reports 2008

Visual Studio 2008 Professional includes “Crystal Reports 2008 Basic.” The Standard and Express versions of VS2008 do not include the bundled Crystal Reports. “Crystal Reports 2008 Basic” is quite different than “Crystal Reports 2008.” The Basic version has the same feature set as the previous version (that was embedded into Visual Studio 2005). In fact, if you look at Crystal …

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How to secure Sitefinity’s Administrative UI

Sitefinity’s Administrative Web Interface is accessed by adding /Sitefinity to the web site’s URL.  Users are then required to provide a valid username & password to gain entry to Sitefinity.  By default, Sitefinity’s administrative username is set to admin. A few customers have expressed concern that this does not offer enough protection from malicious users or bots.  If an attacker …

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Increase your income with SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines so that your website can have a better search engine rankings. Example, if your target keyword is flower, and when you type the word flower in the search engine, your website may not appear at all on top …

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DotNetNuke 5.3.0

The DotNetNuke 5.3.0 is our first quarterly feature release that is benefiting from this new development process.  This Alpha release is a merge between the 5.2.3 codebase and DotNetNuke 5.3.0 Sprint 1 development branch and includes the following features: Taxonomy – The base taxonomy feature includes a complete API and UI for creating and managing site taxonomies.  The core taxonomy …

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DotNetPanel support Exchange 2010

Windows hosting control panel developer DotNetPanel has added its new Exchange 2010 module, designed for hosting companies and Internet service providers that want to offer Hosted Exchange 2007 and 2010 services to customers — all in one control panel. According to DotNetPanel’s Monday announcement, the new DotNetPanel Exchange 2010 module is ideal for web hosting companies and Internet service providers …

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