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.NET RIA Services in Seekdotnet

Observing tendency in application development, you can see a clear regularity which shows that a lot of applications have being developed in Internet instead of the desktop way. This tendency is taking place in the last years because of the opportunity to create more interactive web applications. Evolution of JavaScript, Silverlight, Flash, etc. makes it possible. Now we see that many web applications do not receive a personal page when you access it, but load additional data thanks to more web server references. Such an approach allows us to avoid page reloads. So, web-based applications are considered more interactive and can provide more responsive interface. This class of applications is called Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

Without a doubt, RIA is a very perspective direction. These applications can cover a large number of scenarios that have previously been under force of desktop once only.

However, there is a serious problem during the process of building Rich Internet Applications. To develop Rich Internet Application you should do a big work – develop web services to access business scenarios, develop a user interface (Silverlight, Flash, JavaScript) and connect it with a server platform. There is a special mean when we are talking about complex corporate applications.

Seekdotnet as RIA hosting provider can support .NET RIA running in IIS7  on Window Server 2008.

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