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Visual Studio Developers Should Know About Crystal Reports 2008

Visual Studio 2008 Professional includes “Crystal Reports 2008 Basic.” The Standard and Express versions of VS2008 do not include the bundled Crystal Reports.

“Crystal Reports 2008 Basic” is quite different than “Crystal Reports 2008.” The Basic version has the same feature set as the previous version (that was embedded into Visual Studio 2005). In fact, if you look at Crystal Reports section of the Visual Studio MSDN documentation (Development Tools and Langauges/Visual Studio/ Tools and Features/Crystal Reports), the list of “What’s New” is as follows:

·         ClickOnce deployment supports the HomeSite attribute and is now available for x64 bit machines.

·         Crystal Reports Basic for Visual Studio 2008 supports both Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

·         Support for the .Net 3.5 Framework.

Crystal Reports 2008 does not yet integrate with Visual Studio 2008 but an upcoming update will provide this integration. You will need to watch the Business Objects website for more information on this.

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