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How To Build an e-Commerce Video Games Website

E-commerce website always is a great opportunity to be your income source. You can make million bucks by build a video games website and let that online business give you the income. Even if you are not a professional, you still can build a video games website with following steps. Try 3dcart 3dcart is the best software that can be …

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4 Ways to Value a Website ( before you buy or sell it)

There are many ways to make money using the internet technology. You can sell products or offer services, put adds on your blog/webpage or you can be a reseller hosting. Another way to make money online is by buying and selling websites. Like any other buying and selling business, you have to acknowledge the worth of the website you would …

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ASP.NET Tutorial – Starting Web Development

Making money online is getting popular every day since it costs less funds than doing business in 5 dimensions world. To start, you need a website and to do this you only need small money to subscribe to an affordable web hosting company. The next step is choosing a building software. One building software you can try is ASP.NET from …

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How to Build a Web Page

How to make a web page is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to building a website. Whether you are building a site to generate enough extra income to pay the mortgage or create a whole new lifestyle, there are dozens, if not hundreds of points to bear in mind, however there are steps to follow: …

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Basic Security of Domain Name

Obtain a domain name is crucial especially when it is related to your business. But security is an issue that business people often failed to notice. The security threat one regularly experienced in relation to domain names is someone obtaining access to the account and directing the name elsewhere or attempt to send it to another party. While violation like …

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Small Business Web Hosting

If you own and manage a small business then you need an inexpensive business web site hosting plan made perfect for you. As small business hosting plans are reasonably priced starting a small online business is very easy. How? Similar to a shared hosting, the accounts are divided into hundreds of accounts running off of one server. Quality and package …

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