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How to Build a Web Page

How to make a web page is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to building a website. Whether you are building a site to generate enough extra income to pay the mortgage or create a whole new lifestyle, there are dozens, if not hundreds of points to bear in mind, however there are steps to follow:

Step #1 – Decide on a domain name and register it with a company called a registrar.

Your domain name will appear after the www., and it can be anything you want. You can type in “register domain name” into any search engine like Google and tons of sites will come up.

Step #2 – Choose a place for hosting your site.

This is a place where you will upload all of your website files. Your hosting site will be the place where to put your website on the internet for others to see. Many web hosting offer affordable and competitive price that much better that free web hosting.

Step #3 – Download an FTP client onto your computer.

This is the software you need on your computer to upload your website files to the host. For starters, you should use free software. You can try Filezilla and have had no problems with it at all. It’s really easy to use and you can get it by typing “filezilla” into your search engine. Be sure to get the correct download that is compatible for your computer.

Step #4 – Download html editing software onto your computer.

This is the software you will need to actually make a web page. You type in information, add pictures, and change colors. There are free and easy to use software.

After you have downloaded the necessary software, put all of the above steps together. First purchase a domain name. Then create a page in your web editor, next you upload that page using your FTP client. You will upload that page to the “public_html” folder that your hosting company has provided for you. After that is done, the web page you created will be available for the whole world to see when your domain name is typed into the internet browser. Making your own website can be far more complicated than the 4 steps listed above but these are the basics.

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