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What 3 SEO Experts Say About Keyword Density

Keyword density is one of important factor that impact to your website`s ranking. It is all about the keywords percentage in your content in comparison with the total words on the content. Even if it causes quite impact for your rank, but there is no one can give any accurate calculation about ideal keyword density because Google and other search …

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How to Create Your Best Keywords (3)

Troubleshooting Keyword Woes Finding the right keywords for your pages proves to be much more of an art than an exact science, requiring patience and trial and error. At most, you just increase the chance to rank your page in search engine listings. There could be other problems with your market or page holding you back as well. Problem 1 …

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How to Create Your Best Keywords (2)

In post (1) I have written some steps should be taken before creating good keywords. In this post I will write more about how to implement the elements based on post (1) that you have created and done. 10 Steps of Keyword Guide 1. Make a small list of keyword phrases that relate directly to your page’s content. Example: how …

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How to Create Your Best Keywords (1)

Find the best keywords is crucial when you have a website to promote. When you finally get a hold of the best keywords, most search engines will work in your favor and greatly increasing potential sales. If you do not, your work will become lost in cyberspace. Fortunately, many of the tools to help you find these magical keywords can …

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The Top 5 Places Keywords Should Appear in Articles & Posts

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more than writing content using selected keywords. Moreover, keywords should appear in specific places in blog posts or articles that will boost more traffic. Following are 5 key places to put keywords and phrases in a copy: 1. Put Keywords in the Headline While this may seem clear, many SEO copywriters miss doing this in …

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4 Basic Steps of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique of enhancing a website in order to achieve higher search engine placement. SEO works by using widely searched keywords to make your website visible and relevant for both search engines and search engine users. This may sound complicated but actually SEO works in a simple process that involves common sense. There are 4 …

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