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HTML Code for Flash Banner

When you browse different websites on internet, you might find some websites have animated banner on their page. This animated banner is widely known as flash banner. It is a common phenomenon on the internet, now. Flash banners usually contain advertisement content, images, moving graphic or at least top featured news or product of the website. It usually short, wide …

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How to Design Great Website with Basic HTML

Designing website is not a big deal. When you want to create a website, of course you want to make a website with cool design and style. If you’re not an expert for web coding and design but want to build a website by yourself, here are some steps to design website with basic HTML and CSS coding. It will …

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5 Simple HTML Practices for Beginner

So you are a beginner to website development and don`t know what to do to customize your own blog? Well, actually you just need some basic knowledge about HTML coding when you wish to change small part of the blog or just add a little touch on it. Here we have five simple HTML code to help you out.   …

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