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How to Design Great Website with Basic HTML

Designing website is not a big deal. When you want to create a website, of course you want to make a website with cool design and style. If you’re not an expert for web coding and design but want to build a website by yourself, here are some steps to design website with basic HTML and CSS coding. It will make your website awesome and make you look a professional web designer!

Use Free Site Template

First, you can create website by use so many free websites on internet. There are so many sites you can use to create free code, HTML and also use the free templates. For example, Wix is one recommended and very good site. There also reputable and popular sites about create your independent website.

Hire a website designer

If you need someone to make you learn or make all stuff become easier, then you need a professional website designer. By hire a professional you will get so many ways to make your website become better and look attractive. But of course by hire a website designer, you must get money but there are some professional website designers you can hire with low budget. Try to get fresh-graduate or intern website designer. They won’t be set expensive price as a very professional full-experienced designer.

 Plan the Concept

When you want to create a website, of course you want to make the website popular and known by many people. To make this plan works, make sure you know whole concept you really want to make. With cool concept, the website will perfectly become attention stealer for everyone.

Practice with Enjoyable Time

Don’t stop to practice. Make all elements become perfectly perfect and try to learn basic from the start. Elements of the website such as the title, sidebars, logos, graphics, and texts are important points to make your website become lovely and known by so many people. Elements have connection with design and style, for example if you want to create a female online shopping store, use fonts for title and texts with Curly MT, because it brings girly style that fits with your female store site. Most people don’t want to practice so much because they think process of designing website is boring and tired. In fact, it can be interesting, fun and enjoyable if you know the tricks and make great practice sessions. Listening to good music or you can practice HTML or whole element sites when you watch movie or television. Just make your time become good and awesome.

Learn CSS and HTML

Yes, it’s a very important step to do. Learn and use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to make all elements become easier. By learn basic CSS and HTML you will learn much about how to make pages and design sites in independent way.

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