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5 Types of Unnatural Links That Google Penguin Loves (Hates?)

I read a lot of complaints from site owners on how their sites had taken a dive and lost their page rank on Google search result. It happen after Google releases its Penguin update. Does it mean those website got hit by Penguin update? Most likely, Yes. Before taking crucial steps to recover from Penguin, we must understand first what …

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How to Increase Traffics Without Using Social Media

Nowadays almost all the people I know are using social media. Is it Facebook or twitter, you can see everywhere people have their head down on their smart phones. Social media sites are proven excellent for getting traffics and links to our website. But if you are the type of person who just can’t stand the social media sites, you …

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6 Ways to Create Link Building

  If your site appears in other websites, your site will have better ranking on the search engine. This SEO fact you must have heard before. Creating backlinks is necessary for any website owners. Backlinks will be crawled by search engines, the more they crawled your site, the higher possibility your site be on top of search engine list. I’ll …

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Dofollow VS Nofollow Links: What, Why, Where and How

If you have a website and try to apply search engine optimization techniques, you probably have practiced backlinking on your site. Now, what else you can do to promote your website? If you are an internet newbie you probably needs more works on Dofollow and Nofollow links. What are the differences between the two of them and compare to backlinks? …

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Effective Techniques to Build Website Links (1)

If you want to make money online, the first thing you should consider is how to optimizing your website on Google search engine rankings. But you have to face the truth that there can be only 1-3 profitable websites in every keyword. No one would click the 4th or 5th rank as long as one has found what one has …

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