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Effective Techniques to Build Website Links (1)

If you want to make money online, the first thing you should consider is how to optimizing your website on Google search engine rankings. But you have to face the truth that there can be only 1-3 profitable websites in every keyword. No one would click the 4th or 5th rank as long as one has found what one has been searching for.

Search engine optimization technique may not easy and simple, but there is one thing you must remember, online optimization is as important as offline optimization if not more important. Your header tags, meta keywords, words positioning, keyword density and back links play important role to place your page in high ranking.

The following steps are very important when you are going to build your website links.

1. Website title

The title of your website should be unique and must converge your whole website content. For example, if you have a business website that sells sports products and have brand or company name Active then the title must be include Active sports products and so on. Standard title character limit should be 65 characters. Make sure that you have added keywords of each page according to the content on that page like if you have boxing products page then in title Boxing products will be a juice for search engines. Title can be set within the head tags of html code.

2. Website Description

Explain what your website is all about and focus the key points of you website in your description. Description should be 200 words or in some cases 250 and it is the best. Put the description between head tag. Keep in mind add at least two or more keywords from the content of the page to the description.

3. Keywords

Make the best and unique keywords that describe your page and website content. Keywords are the key to success in search engine ranking. Currently the total character count for your meta keyword maximum should be 268-350. However, over 300 may not do any good. This number will help you in optimizing your web page without being penalized by the search engines. We generally use only 3 to 12 keywords or keyword phrases in our meta keyword tags and always stay well below the recommended meta keyword maximum characters. Another useful hint is to start all keywords with a capital letter. An example keyword would be “Meta Keyword Limit,” not “meta keyword limit”. Keywords tag stay between the head tag.

4. A Separate link page for links to other website

Now make sure that your home page has links to all sub pages on your website like a proper navigation and also a nice and clean site map. It helps search bots to crawl you web completely and fast. Your all pages should be w3c validated  for validation go to It will help bots to search smoothly and fast all content on page without any breaks ups.

5. Site Map

Create sitemap.xml for Google site map. A lot of free sitemap creator available by searching Google with search term, e.g. Free Google sitemap creator. Create webmaster’s account for your website at and add your website, verify it and then add your sitemap. From Google webmaster account you can tracks many things like daily search keywords, top search keywords, back links to your website, out links and crawl dates. For new account Google take almost 1 week to properly function. You can also add Yahoo sitemap by making a list of URL on your website in urllist.txt. After making urllist.txt go to and make account then add urllist.txt. The sitemap are good for large website like that have more then 50 pages and for dynamic websites.

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