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SEO Link Building Ideas 2014; Part I

Google as the most popular search engine is now getting cleverer because it does not want to count any link that is freely given. If your website has a lot of backlinks from unworthy websites, Google will not see your website as potential source for search query because link building is no longer guarantee your website`s visibility to Google. With Google`s algorithm changes, many people assume link building is not appropriate SEO trick anymore. In fact, link building still affect your ranking in Google as long as you know what works and what not for SEO link building in 2014. To help you out, here we have 10 SEO link building ideas that are totally proven and white hat method. To make it easier for you, we will split it onto two different articles. Here is the first part.

1. Create a blog

Blog creation is best ideas to get ‘healthy’ back links to your websites. You can create blog section to your company`s website, fill it with useful contents, not only about your products or services, but also other current issue or highly researched content. Then you must update it regularly and actively answer the comments posted on your visitors. It is advisable to have social sharing button on your blog too. A survey shows that companies that run blog on their website have 97% inbound links that who don`t.

2. Interactive website design

This might cost you more money to have professional look on your website. You can always use free template design, but it will better to have unique design, so visitors will see it attractive. Interactive website design also gives you higher ROI and long term benefit for high quality backlinks.

3. PPT submission

PPT or Powerpoint submission is great way to earn positive backlink as well as increase your visitor. You can create poperpoint slideshow with useful content and in its description you can put your website`s links. Then submit it to high ranking PPT websites, such as SlideShare, DocStoc and Scribd.

4. Free-downloadable material

To gain more visitors, you can create useful materials for your visitors. You can make it into pdf or other printable form. You can offer free e-book for your visitors about popular materials. This is a clever idea to build good backlinks to your website.

5. Join Q&A Communities

You can join the Q&A Communities in your niche. You can help people by answering their questions. Then you can leave your backlinks as additional resources. This strategy will drive good traffic to your website.


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