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How to Optimize Pictures to Increase SEO

Picture optimization is one of hidden search engine optimization secrets that you should know if you have webpages. You need to focus not only on your content but also on the image you post if available. This is necessary to help you increase the ranking in search engine. Since pictures are significant factor in SEO, there are several aspects to consider of your pictures.

Tips on Pictures Optimization for Better SEO

  1. Naming the image descriptively

Keeping the default name of picture file from your camera is indeed so much easy way. This already becomes a habit when taking any product shots. However, it is not merely good idea to keep and you should know why. Using acceptable keywords is important in SEO in order to help ranking your webpage in search engine. Therefore, creating rich descriptive keyword for image file name is very crucial to optimize the image. Search engine will crawl not only for your webpage text but also for keywords in your image name.

  1. Optimizing alt tags and the title tags

Search engine puts your picture’s alt tags and also title tags on high importance. These content pieces will help Google to understand the images as well as the content surround it. The suggestion for alt tags, you need to make it as descriptively as possible. When the image is used as the header in your blog post, you should use the title for blog post. As for another blog image, at least you should describe those images minimally. Meanwhile, for title tags it should be short, concise, and catchy. You need to be creative by making file name and tags detailed but different.

  1. Reducing the size of file

If your pictures are slowly to be scroll down on the screen which takes more than fifteen seconds, count it that the prospective customer is saying goodbye to you. The size of your image, how large the image is could determine how many customers to visit your site. The factor is that larger file size is going to take longer loading process of a webpage. So, you should decrease your image file size on webpage while increasing the page load speed. Thus, more people will come to your site than before.

  1. Adding image caption

In search engine optimization, adding image caption could give impact on the number of visitors and search rankings. That is why you must not forget about these images captions. Why is image caption very important? The answer is that people tend to scan out webpage contents instead of reading it. When people see images, they instinctively will look at and read the captions rather than the body copy. The existence of image on webpage is not just as decoration, but you can add more meaningful caption that makes the readers pay attention to your post.

  1. Knowing the right file type

Furthermore, knowing the right image file type is also important for increasing search engine optimization. Use the file type correctly for highest quality with small size as possible. JPG, PNG, and GIF are the three most common types of images to use. Briefly, JPEG would be the best for very complex images especially those taken by camera, PNG is good to add transparency to your image, while GIF will be the best for decorative icons and images in small size.

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