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DotNetNuke a Framework for Web Application

DotNetNuke (DNN) is a framework to build an ASP based on web application. DNN is a share source that we used for free. DNN provides the ability to manage dynamic content website. DNN modules plug ins that provide additional functionality, that can be created with all programming language that supports .NET, and can be easily distributed or installed without worrying about the legal aspects.

DotNetNuke 1.0 was launched on December 24, 2002 and received rave reviews among users share source on the Microsoft platform, until then grow each year. Starting from version 3.0, DotNetNuke adding features, functionality, code standards, continued to increase until it reaches the final version of version 4.3.5 now. Gradual after version 3.0, DNN has mutated not only CMS (Content Management System) like PHPNuke, Mambo, Drupal, or the like, but DNN has become a framework for web applications.

Benefit of DotNetNuke

  1. Installable Graphic Design
  2. Skin package can be installed on a DotNetNuke site within minutes, and you will get a professional appearance for your website. The appearance of the site can be changed dramatically while existing content and application functionality remains unchanged.

  3. Extendable Application Functionality
  4. DotNetNuke is an expandable Web Application Platform and can be deployed as DotNetNuke Modules. DotNetNuke installation includes over 25 modules with their own purpose and functionality like a personnel contacts list, events calendar, or a list of announcements. That can installed with a simple administrative task and it does not require programming, easily added, edited, deleted, restored, moved around on a page, or transferred to other pages.

  5. Content Management without Programming
  6. Adding or changing text content can be as easy as copy and paste. Administrators and authorized users can add pages to their site. New pages automatically appear on the site menu and the site map.

  7. Installable Language Packs
  8. Built-in multi-language localization features, DotNetNuke is fully localized. Allow administrators worldwide to easily use and adapt DotNetNuke software for their own use. Over 50 installable Language Packs are available through the DotNetNuke community.

  9. Centralized Security
  10. Administrators have the option of setting permissions at several. A user may be allowed access to edit certain modules, or be given access to edit an entire page. This allows very granular control over the actions of the users.

    DotNetNuke offers robust features for dealing with the permissions and controlling the tasks a particular user is allow performing. It does this with a roles-based security module, where every page and module in the site is assigned roles that determine what the user is allowed to do.

  11. Site Administration
  12. All aspects of the site can be managed through the site settings pages: title of site, search engine description and submission, user welcome messages, logo, background, skins and many other settings can be customized with no programming intervention.

  13. Integrated Error Management and Reporting
  14. Built in logging and error reporting infrastructure makes DotNetNuke portals very manageable and reliable. Administrators can monitor site usage and performance and ensure that third-party or custom modules are well integrated and functional.

  15. File Management
  16. This powerful tool allows administrators an ability to upload files directly from their desktop to their site. Any uploaded file becomes instantly available to be used on the site or listed in a module that handles documents or file downloads.

  17. Recycle Bin
  18. Allows users to restore any content, modules, or pages that have been deleted. The deleted item is restored to the location it was deleted from.

  19. Banner Advertising
  20. Revenue can be generated and managed through the use of banner advertisements. Through the Vendors tab, administrators can easily add vendors and their profile information; upload banners and determine their placement; define number of impressions, cost per impression, or length of ad campaign; track ad views and click-throughs; and define affiliate referrals.

  21. Drag and Drop Functionality
  22. Containers and modules are easily moved within pages by mouse, using drag and drop feature.

    And many other features!

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