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Crystal Reports & Business

If you are looking for a reporting tool that has presentation quality and has been proven as world standard solution, Crystal Reports is your answer. Crystal Reports helps you design, manage and deliver reports through the web as well as embedded in applications. It was designed to create reports from broad range of data sources. Therefore, it’s a great application …

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How to Make Report using Crystal Reports

One of the most crucial tasks in management process is reporting.  Reporting can be defined as means of communicating data and information.  To perform a well comprehend reporting task, one should use a tool/software that give rich set of tools that can be used to design and present reports efficiently. One of the leading brands you should try is Crystal …

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Crystal Report – 5 Causes of Poor Perfomance

  After weeks or maybe months of hard work, your masterpiece report is finally complete. And you were so sure that your client will very satisfied. You attempted to run the report for a month against the live database and not the two days test data you used for development. Unexpectedly, your report’s runtime went from twenty seconds to two …

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What is Crystal Report?

Designed for presentation quality, crystal reports may be an established, world standard solution that facilitates you to design, manage and deliver reports via the net yet as embedded in applications. It is a business intelligence application and was designed to come up with reports from a wide range of data sources. This leading software suggests that users can organize the …

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Visual Studio Developers Should Know About Crystal Reports 2008

Visual Studio 2008 Professional includes “Crystal Reports 2008 Basic.” The Standard and Express versions of VS2008 do not include the bundled Crystal Reports. “Crystal Reports 2008 Basic” is quite different than “Crystal Reports 2008.” The Basic version has the same feature set as the previous version (that was embedded into Visual Studio 2005). In fact, if you look at Crystal …

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