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What is Crystal Report?

what is crystal report

Designed for presentation quality, crystal reports may be an established, world standard solution that facilitates you to design, manage and deliver reports via the net yet as embedded in applications. It is a business intelligence application and was designed to come up with reports from a wide range of data sources.

This leading software suggests that users can organize the information needed to complete a report in whichever format suits their business best. When the report is completed it will be saved as a file with an RPT extension, which means the report will be repeated at any time by re-opening the RPT file and refreshing the information within it by doing this it will display if any updates are made. The report can then be previewed on the computer, printed or exported to a different file format like PDF, Excel or a text document.

Whoever at first designed the report has the control and ability to open the report within the report designer so as to form changes and variations of the report. These variations are often saved as RPT files by modifying the file name. Crystal Reports are bundled with ActiveX controls, which when embedded in GUI will give different interfaces. This feature permits reports to be deconstructed into their base objects.

Crystal Reports software helps customers to make versatile and have rich reports. The compelling report design permits you to form highly formatted and interactive professional reports. It provides you the flexibility to design within the leading .NET and Java development tools. The flexible application development tool also allows cross platform support from Java, .NET and COM. in addition as this HTML is also generated straight by crystal reports, permitting your focus to be on application business logic instead of having to hand code.

The report management and delivery features of crystal reports also implies that reports can simply be published to the web and allows you to integrate the management of operational reporting. These three features; the powerful report design, the flexible application development and also the report management/delivery features are the main aspects of crystal reports. They compose the three main and useful features.

This spectacular feature rich application has located the standard for business reporting software with over five million copies of the software already sold and it’s no surprise as this advanced reporting software allows you to create fast but informed choices, which might lead your business to increased profitability. It is also flexible in what it can produce:

•Standard reports
•Cross tabulation reports
•Mailing labels
•OLAP cube reports
•Comma separated value files
•Excel files

Crystal reports can considerably improve the means in which reports are created within your business. They offer you highly informed data across all aspects of your business and can dramatically boost business decisions due to up-to-date information that is fast and easy to find inside the well presented, documented and structured reports that crystal reporting software brings you. This advanced software may well be exactly what your business has been yearning for.

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