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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Two Mistakes in Digital Marketing That Companies Are Not Aware Of

The increasing use of digital marketing in today`s business are avoidable. People like to spend hours browsing internet and use social media and this fact is just something company can`t deny. Despite almost all companies in the world turn their marketing from traditional to digital marketing, but many of them are still struggling and sometimes fall into some mistakes that …

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5 Simple HTML Practices for Beginner

So you are a beginner to website development and don`t know what to do to customize your own blog? Well, actually you just need some basic knowledge about HTML coding when you wish to change small part of the blog or just add a little touch on it. Here we have five simple HTML code to help you out.   …

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4 HTML and CSS Tips for WordPress Beginner

Many people use WordPress to either build their free blog or professional websites. They usually use the free theme or other professional-looking theme. But because not all of us are familiar with coding or CSS, they tend to leave the design of their blog just like its original theme, without don`t know how to customize it. Actually there are some …

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7 Useful CSS Tips for Beginner

In the beginning of website booming, we all depend a lot on professional developers and programmers to make the website, fix the website and many more. But now it`s depend on you, whether you are just a beginner in coding area, with CSS you can independently change your own website. Thanks to CSS`s flexibility and styles that easier to understand …

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Types of Computers; from the first computer to the latest

We use computer almost in every day of our life. We usually attach to it for hours, yet we still don`t know how  many types of computer that ever exist in this world since the very beginning of its invention till now where our live seem attached even more closer to the technology. People think that computer is like desktop …

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3 Useful Websites for Small Businesses

When you start small business and try to get many customers as possible, the easiest way to do that is utilizing the internet. In internet, you will find many e-commerce resources that will help you to build your product awareness promote your business and make money from it. Talking about e-commerce sources in internet, many of them are free to …

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