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WordPress – How to Hide Information with CSS

wordpress - How to Hide Information with CSS


Blog is a great means to express what you think and feel about particular things or events. But sometimes you just like to keep some personal thoughts for yourself. WordPress is the most popular blogging software right now. It has rich features you can used to optimize the presentation of your blog.  If you need to make any post or information on you blog not visible to the public, try masking the content using cascading style sheets.

By using CSS, you can create a style rule that is in line with your blog’s existing code to conceal any particular text you desire. To perform this, you should first know how to access the templates of your blog and then apply the CSS to delete the information you desire. Let me breakdown how to use CSS in your WordPress:

1. Open the Editor link under the Appearance tab on the left side of the Dashboard to access your blog’s CSS documents.

2. Click the Stylesheet (style.css) link under the Style label and scroll to the bottom of the next box that appears. Enter the following CSS:

.delete { display: none; }

This code creates a style rule that hides any information it is applied to.

3. Click the Update File button and then click a template of your choice, such as Header or Footer that contains the information you want to hide. The code for this document appears on the page.

4. Find the content you want to mask and then position your cursor in the opening tag, such as <div>, that precedes it. Type “class=” and then follow this with “delete” in quotation marks to make the code look like this example:

<div class=”delete”>This is the information you are deleting.</div>

5. Click the Update File button and then view your Web page to see the removed content.

That’s it, now you can hide any information you desire. Obtain a WordPress site with SeekDotnet today, just log on to

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