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How to Get More Readers to Your WordPress Blog

Having a blog (or more than one blog) with a lot of readers is just like a dream and this is essential for every blogger. However, in fact, getting more readers is not a piece of cake. You have to do some right things to make your blog is busier than before. Below are some tips for you to get more readers on your blog.

1. Taking the Advantage of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Doing an optimization by using SEO machine is the most popular way to increase the number of readers for your wordpress blog. Why? It is because SEO machine is the biggest traffic source that we can find in the internet. Unfortunately, there are some bloggers who thought that this is not an important machine to be used and this is wasting time. Using SEO machine is an essential machine and learning about this needs a deeper effort. However in fact, you must not to be a SEO expert for making the perfect content for your website. You have to do some research about what the article that is loved by Google is and many more.

2. Social Media Promotion

How to Get More Readers to Your WordPress Blog? The second tip for you is by doing the social media promotion. We knew that social media is the second biggest traffic source after the SEO machine. Just like SEO machine, promote your blog through the social media needs certain knowledge. There are some main principals that you can do for this case. First, you have to choose a social media that you like or choosing based on your readers target. You have not do the promotion straightly, but you can do some social activities first. You have to build the readers first.

3. Doing Blog Walking

What is blog walking? Blog walking is an activity when a blogger making a comment on the other blog. We can say that this is the easiest way to increase your readers and this is an essential thing to do, especially when you were a beginner. You will be surprised when you got the first comment after you tried this blog walking activity.

4. Offering some Free Things

Everyone loves the free stuff. That is why; why you were not trying this way? Offering some free things on website or blog is an effective way to increase the visitors of your blog. Some free stuff that you can give are such as the Free Blogger Template, Free Zombie blog and many more. The key is that, you have to care about your visitors. It can be a great gate for thousands or even millions visitors for you wordpress blog.

5. Writing on the Other Blog

The last tip in How to Get More Readers to Your WordPress Blog is by writing an article on the other blog. This is one of the effective ways to get more readers and visitors for your own blog.

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