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How to Redirecting Name Server from WordPress

How to Redirecting Name Server from WordPress

After sometimes blogging on WordPress you decided to take a bigger step. You decided to have a site with your own domain name. So, how exactly do this with your WordPress blog? First, you need to redirect the name server to your preferred hosting company so your new website active. Than you can type in your domain name and it will take you to your website.

Instructions for Redirecting Name Servers

Once you have registered to a web hosting provider, you will need to install WordPress on your Cpanel. Once you finish installing WordPress, you will want to call your website hosting company and find out what the code is for the hosts name servers that you will be redirecting to. This is usually a very quick and easy process. After you get those 2 codes, you will want to go to your Cpanel.

After you find the domain manager tab, you will want to select a domain or type in the domain that you have already registered. Then, to your right you will see another tab called Name Servers, click on that tab. You will see two entries where you enter the code for redirecting the name servers. This is the code you got when you called your website hosting company.

After you enter in the codes, save or click update. It usually takes about 24-48 hours for everything to take effect. So in the mean time, you can continue improving your website with new content etc. You will know that you successfully redirected the name server when you type your domain into the URL toolbar and your website shows up.

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