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How To Install WordPress Into Your Website

how to install wordpress into your website

I have heard complaints from many internet newbie how difficult it is to install WordPress for their site. Hosting a website with WordPress may a little tricky with the html or MSSQL language if you are familiar with web development. But WordPress has a lot of advantages that are too good to be missed. It has a variety of templates, useful plugins and various levels of administrator control for multiple authors.

So if you are planning to have your site hosted in WordPress, do not be discouraged. Read the followings, a guidance how to install WordPress easily:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Click back to accounts list and click on on cpanel
  3. Then open another tab on your browser and head to and download the newest version.
  4. Download a FTP shopper (i.e. Filezilla) to upload files from your laptop to your net hosting website.
  5. Unzip the WordPress file you downloaded and store on your laptop. Then open up the FTP program. It unveils and you may see a left hand pane and a right hand pane. On the left pane, it’ll show files stored on your laptop. Double click on your WordPress file and it’ll open up and be displayed within the left pane.
  6. Click on website Manager. Click on New website and provides it a reputation. A replacement window pops up. Fill out the main points from your webhost website. Copy and paste the knowledge from the web-host into the positioning manager. Click connect.
  7. Within the right hand pane you must see 3 files. Select the one known as Public HTML and double click it.
  8. You may currently see a file known as default.php right click it and select delete.
  9. Currently highlight all the WordPress files within the left hand pane and drag over to the proper hand pane. This uploads the files from your laptop to the host. It’ll take a number of minutes counting on your web speed.

10. Return to page. Head to cpanel and click on file manager. Place within the password you used after you signed up.

11. You may currently see 3 files. Tick the box next to the general public.html file. Click chmod button on top of on the proper.

12. A replacement page opens. Within the chmod price box sort 777 and tick the box for subdirectories then click on the inexperienced tick to submit. a replacement page can open up informing you that everyone the files are chmod to 777. Click on the insufficient arrow. You may be back to the screen with the 3 files.

13. Double click on the general public.html file and hopefully a WordPress page pops up. Click “Lets go”.

14. Return to cpanel and click on on MYSQL icon. Produce a database by filling out the shape. a replacement window opens along with your database data on. Use this information and fill out the shape on the WordPress page. Click on Install.

15. Another page opens requesting a title and email data. Fill this out. Tick the insufficient box if you would like the positioning to be found by search engines then click on install.

16. A replacement page opens along with your log in data. Copy and paste into the log in page. You’ll be able to amendment the password later.


There you go, currently you have got your web site running with WordPress.


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