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Windows Server Virtualization

Windows Server Virtualization, with the newest series in 2017 is actually the newest and latest technology related product manufactured by Microsoft. It is mostly used by those who are expertise of website and application development. It is the improved version of the previous series, Windows Server 2016.

As you might have expected, this application program does have several new and improved features, brought out from the previous series and improved to meet the customers’ need and demand. With everything it comes in its package, it is assured that those who use this program will find the use along with the new things they did not get before. For more details on the program, here is the list of new features the program has to offer.

Windows Server Virtualization Features

  1. Cloud integration

The first feature the Windows Serve Virtualization 2017 does take pride on is the integration it has with the Cloud storage. In general, there are only a few application development programs that prize its integration with the Cloud. Even if they do, the service and assistance with the Cloud they have are only limited. But with this service, you will witness full integration the Windows Server Virtualization 2017 has with the Cloud which will allow you to keep anything you want inside the storage.

  1. Built in security

If you have not heard of encryption beforehand, then we can start off this point with the explanation. In that case, encryption actually refers to the process with which your files and anything you do inside the program are encrypted or backed up. To many people’s ignorance, such thing can be quite important should anything out of expectation, such as lost data due to virus or whatnots, do happen. With this, anything you do will be kept safely thanks to the encryption it does to your files on daily routine.

  1. No-downtime upgrade

If you have a glimpse at several application programs you have heard of known before, the chances are they all came with the limitation on accessibility at one point. Such thing usually happens when your application is updating. Out of sudden, you will not have temporary access to the application, thanks to the upgrade that limits the access on the application itself.

As the consequence, your access to the application will be disrupted. In case of new Windows Server Virtualization 2017, you will not experience such thing on disrupted access anymore thanks to the flexibility it prizes.

  1. Flexibility and Compatibility

Compared to other series of Windows Server Virtualization that came before the newest one, most of them did not have the compatibility with the other operating system outside of its manufacturer, Windows. As the consequence, you will be forced to change your operating system as a whole in order for you to be able to use this. However, with this service and Windows Server, you will have full and direct compatibility with the other operating system, making it suitable for all of you who happen to have relied on the other operating system.

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