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How to Choose a Good Website Builder Tool

Have a website and do business online is crucial at this point of time. Even if you run a small business like selling used comic books or catering service to a very localized area, it is important to have an online presence. In the past, customers turned to yellow pages first when looking for service business or local shops. Now, potential buyers go online and look for at a search engine or local online directory. For this reason, every business should be online with at least a ‘brochure’ type site, one that displays hours of operation, price range and contact information.

If you own a small, local business, chances are you don’t have much time or extra capital to create a wide-ranging website. Fortunately, many web hosting companies offer free website builder tools with a purchase of a low level hosting package. It is a great option for small business owners who want a simple web presence that is easily created, updated and maintained, since these website builder tools don’t usually allow for creating a complicated or flashy website.

Website Builder Basic

The goal of creating an online site is to have a presence that can be found on search engines or indicated in the brochures and business cards. When you take a look at the possible free website builder, it is necessary to look at the examples of sites that have been created with the web site builder. Can you navigate easily from the home page contact page? Is there a contact form that can be filled? Does the form function properly? Is the content (text on the website) visible?

This is something that you could not think if you are not in the know: when checking out the examples, take your cursor and see if you can highlight text on web pages. If so, great! If not, then the text on these sites will not be visible to search engines and the site will be much less useful to you. It is better to move to another tool.

Once we have seen the examples, take a look at the tools accessible to you from the free web site builder. Some things to consider include an account manager or the admin panel that allows direct access to make changes once the site is published and release a wide selection of templates to choose from when creating your web site and a photo gallery with action images to choose from. If these are present, find out if there is a demo or free trial. Play around with the free website builder and see if it fits your needs. If there is no demonstration or free trial, take a look at online feedback and review.

What to Avoid

A number of free website builder tools online use Flash technology. While these sites can be more visually exciting, they are not good for being found in the search engines as often the search engine spiders cannot read or locate the text on the Flash pages. If your goal is to create an online brochure or business profile to be found online, these Flash website builder tools should be avoided.

A series of free web site builder online tool technology used Flash technology. While these sites may be more visually appealing, the search engines wouldn’t find these sites easily because of search engine spiders can’t read or locate the text on the Flash pages. If your goal is to create an online catalog or business profile found on the Internet, these Flash website builder tools should be avoided.

What Else You’ll Need

To gain benefits from a website builder tools, you will need to purchase web hosting and domain name. The domain name is your online address and the hosting package can be seen as your “real estate”. Most web builder tools are packaged together with the domains and /or hosting packages.

Once You’re Online

Being online is a big step, but don’t stop there. Once you have created your website, constantly update your site and expand your site to attract the attention of search engines. But just being online is a step in the right direction.

SeekDotNet offers website builder tools to help small businesses create online presence. We offer easy to use website builder that can be apply by five-step wizard. Try the website builder demo and find how easy and fast it is to create a website.

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