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Which One is Better, Plesk or Website Panel?

Which one is better, Plesk or Website Pannel? It is a question that usually asked by most people. As we know that both of those things are the server controls. They are the interface to possibly customers for managing their services in a place. Control panel with web base is usually having interface graphic and suite tools that are designed to make a web sites hosting are easier to manage. In this article, we will focus more on Plesk and Website Panel and try to reveal which one is better between those two. Below is the further information.

  • Command Line Access. Both, the Plesk and Website Panel offer the command line access. CPanel has both instructions lines access and an access that is based on API-. It wills possible interaction with the third software party. Plesk offers command line access tool that is named Panel Action Log Command Line Access Tool.
  • Hosting developers can do the administration system automatically. Website panel is designed for having great function as dedicated server or as a server virtual private. The newest cPanel version supports the installation in CloudLinux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. Some basis applications that are supported are like Apache, PHP and My SQL. Some email basis supports are POP3, IMAP and SMPT service.
  • Deleting Panel. It is impossible to delete the website panel. It is because we will need to format the server and re-installing the operation system. In Plesk, the uninstall script is available but it is not recommended.
  • Users Friendly. In users interface step, website panel functions become some high class groups like mail, file, log, preference, domain security, and database and software services. In the other side, Plesk is divided into some functions that are included the statistic, resource usage, users, mail, website and domain, application and statistic.
  • OS Supports. Plesk is compatible with Windows and the integration between Plesk and windows is really strong. Besides that, the full integration with Microsoft SQL is also available. In the other side, website panel is only compatible with Linux operation system, RedHat and CentOS.

Below are the conclusion between Plesk and Website Panel:

  1. Plesk has more detail support than website panel. It wills possibly the management of both, MySQL and Ms SQL. Server from the website browser is high integrated with Windows and somehow it is really intuitive and users friendly as well.
  2. Website panel is faster than Plesk and it has some functions for high groups that are made for easy accessibility. For Linux, we can say that the website Panel environment is better than Plesk.

Those are a review that we can share about Plesk and Website Panel. In the explanation above, it is clear that Website Panel and Plesk has its own pros and cons that you can choose based on your needs. We hope that you find what you were looking for and we hope that this article is beneficial for you.

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