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Sitefinity CMS for Your Marketing Needs

Technology has broaden its impact into many aspects of life, from politics to business. In business, one who can not cope with latest technology undoubtedly will fail the competition.

At one time, marketing professionals have depended on technology to help collect and access customer data and to efficiently track, measure and report ROI. In recent times, yet this relationship has grown in complexity with the requirement for online and web 2.0 marketing strategies. Many marketers are failed to keep up as new technologies advance beyond their traditional skills and capacities, and organizations are paying great effort to manage the connection between IT and Web 2.0 marketing.

To solve this problem, many companies are turning to dynamic content management systems, like Sitefinity CMS to empower marketing professionals who lack of technical knowledge. Sitefinity CMS is a powerful tool for marketing professionals and after the .NET framework is tailored to meet specific marketing needs, it stands out as one of the most robust content management systems on the market.

Sitefinity CMS links the gap between marketing and technology, allowing marketing professionals to manage online marketing and web 2.0 strategies. Here are a just a few examples:

1. Search Engine Optimization

The most vital aspect of web 2.0 marketing is search optimization, and Sitefinity helps marketing professionals to optimize their website specifically for search engines, trouble-free.

Marketers can edit menu labels, page names, titles, descriptions and keywords by log on to the properties page through an easy user-interface. They can even alter alternative tags for images within the image library in one full sweep using a batch edit feature.

At the page level, an easy WSYWIG editor allows marketing professionals to add title tags and so on, bold keywords and add internal and external links.

The SEO capabilities are limitless, particularly with some modification from a Telerik Service partner or by downloading custom controls from the Sitefinity Marketplace. Some examples include a control to automatically generate an XML Sitemap for search engine submission and a control to automatically generate.

2. Event Promotion

The main job of marketing professionals are to create compelling campaigns to promote their events, and then restlessly work to raise awareness and push registration.

For organizations who operate multiple events and event types, Sitefinity eases the process of publishing, promoting and managing events using a built-in events module. The marketer can easily add events, organize events based on keyword terms or categories, display events in a calendar view or list form, integrate with geo-mapping settings and allow commenting for two-way conversations with attendees.

Or you can take it one step ahead by adding some simple customizations. For example, you can integrate with nearly any CRM for customer data tracking, develop a control to manage URLs, blacklist email URLs that originate from your competition, or insert an Add to Calendar icon by downloading a free custom user control from the Sitefinity Marketplace.

3. Social Media Marketing and Web 2.0

Social Media Marketing and Web 2.0 schemes supply a forum to attach with your clients, humanize your emblem, and combine with new prospects, while simultaneously building links, driving traffic and increasing the overall search engine optimization of your website.

Sitefinity presents some built-in Web 2.0 modules that marketers can use to combine with your clients through blogs, forums and polls.

The Sitefinity Marketplace furthermore has some made-to-order controls to enhance your communal newspapers and world broad web 2.0 trading strategies. For demonstration, you can feed twitter revisions into you website with Twitter Status Timelines, or drag-n-drop straightforward client controls to brandish most latest RSS Feeds, Forum Posts and Blog Entries on any granted sheet on your website.

4. Resource Management

Technology-driven marketing is not going away anytime soon. As demand for online marketing and web 2.0 strategies continues to increase, so will the gap between marketing and technology continue to grow. Organizations who equip their team with the right tools for success, like Sitefinity CMS, will retain top marketing talent, reduce marketing costs and ultimately lead the marketing revolution.

Primary and lesser assets about your products and services are a precious asset to any marketing team. The proficiency to freely release, coordinate and organise those resources on a website is a invaluable advantage and can add integrity to your website.

By using Sitefinity CMS, your marketing group can upload case studies, clients testimonials, merchandise slips, whitepapers and other precious resources usnig the built-in images and documents library. Sitefinity boasts you the flexibility to brandish those assets inside your website in list form by type, category and keywords.

To expanded advantages, you can customize the CMS to continue the list  functionality, or construct certain thing like a Customer Quotes Modules to randomly display client testimonials on any granted page.

As demand for online marketing and web 2.0 strategies extends to boost, so will the gap between trading and expertise extend to grow. And  marketing led by technology will continue to expand. Organizations who provide their group with the right devices for achievement, like Sitefinity CMS, will win the competition, decrease marketing charges and finally lead the marketing revolution.

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