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Reasons to Avoid Free Hosting

In terms of cost, there are types of hosting obtainable in the market, paid hosting and free hosting. It is understandable that as an individual you are simple to be attracted by the lovely word “free”. However, as the saying goes, there is no such thing as free lunch. When comes to free hosting, you need to pay full attention to figure out if there is any hidden fees or not. Besides this concern, it is a bad idea to host your net site with free hosting service because of its following pitfalls.

1. With free hosting, your server is overloaded with plenty of other free hosting accounts. It is hard to guarantee your CPU and bandwidth since dozens of net sites on the same server fight against each other for CPU and bandwidth. You can picture the result of your net site: visitors are hard to get access to your net site.

2. Limited net site tools. You are provided with limited tools to set up your net site with a free hosting account. For example, you may have no permission to make use of FTP to transfer your files from or to the server. Plenty of scripts, like PHP script and database, like MySQL may not supported, therefore you will unable to run a forum on your net site.

3. Low disk space apportioned. You usually receive a small amount of space that not sufficient for your business expansion with free hosting accounts. Only a small traffic is supported. If there is a lot of traffic, you site is of high likely to go down. It is impossible for you to display your products or service with sizable pics or video files.

4. You have small control. Plenty of free hosting services need you to display banner ads, pop-up windows on your site. Nothing is annoying than these unrelated ads for your visitors! In case you are blessed , you may come across companies who give you free hosting without any marketing at all. However, they might try to converting you to pay their service in the future because they need to make funds. In case you do not pay for it, your account could be in danger, for example, they may delete your account.

5. No customer support. With a free hosting, it is hard for you when a controversy raises you have no to turn to. In the event that they offer any support, this service usually is poor. The staff is not professional and it will also take you lots of time waiting for them to solve any issue.

6. No domain name. You are not allowed to make use of your own domain name; only sub-domain name under that company is provided. You can picture how hard for you to establish your business since no domain also means you cannot have your electronic mail address of your domain  and it is also hard for the search engines to index your site.

7. Not trustworthy. Free hosting services could go out of business at any time. You will never know when your provider is going to close the service. No expect the net site together with your longtime efforts disappear over night. Free is not a sustainable business model since no guarantee is promised.

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