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5 Reasons Not to Choose Free Hosting Server

‘Free’ is a very tempting word. One would try some new food, tools or anything that probably he/she doesn’t like just because it was signed ‘Free’. And when it come to doing business, free equals to make profit. The less you spend, the more you earn. It happened in cyber world too. There are numerous free hosting server offers and it is very appealing for business people to give it a try. After all, why pay for something when you can get it for free. But the free things we get in life tend to be the most expensive. So those thinking about opting for free hosting server should know the inconveniences involved. Here are five major reasons for avoiding free hosting server.

1. Limitations

The first limit you will encounter from free hosting server is the limited storage space for your files. Most free hosting service providers offer storage space less than 50mbs; a modern website for business purposes will need at least 100mbs to successfully run a website. That means with free hosting, you will have to reduce the amount of data you have to upload to the server.

The second limitation is in terms of the bandwidth, which can be compared to the road leading to your business. The wider the bandwidth the easier it is for people to access your website. But free web hosting imposes a limited bandwidth for your site. What then is the use of a website if people cannot access it all the time?

2.  Advertisements

Have you wonder where free hosting server get money to support their work? They get the money from you actually. They do this by posting advertisements on your websites and because you get a free service, you have to accept this advertisement. There is no way you can reject those advertisement. Unless, you want your website get deleted. The host will not seek your permission to do that because they are doing you a favor. If you are in business, these ads will become a nuisance since they will distract your clients and cause some of them to move away from your site. You should be surprise to find the ads of a rival business on your site. They have chosen to pay.

3. Poor customer support

One of the most regular events happens to free hosted website is downtime and free hosting providers would not care about that. They are not obliged in any way to prevent or rectify that. There are a lot of other websites available on their network and so a few websites down does not affect their income levels much. In addition, most free hosting companies cannot afford to hire a lot of support staff who will be there to solve problems in time. The best they offer mostly is a FAQ page that may not solve your problems all the time.

4. Longer domain names

When you are setting up a website, you want a domain name that is unique to you. But with free hosting, your domain name gets modified by them to allow the name of your free hosting service provider. So instead of having let’s say “”, you will have something like “”. In certain cases you could have something like “ Clients will find it difficult keeping such long names in mind.

5. Poor search engine ranking

Free hosting server will not care any less about search engine optimization, probably because of the low budget they had. This will influence your website ranking on Google search engine. Unfortunately, your website has to reach a high page rank to increase your sales. Your SEO work will fall short because free hosting prevents that from happening.

If you create a website just for the joy of it and are not expecting too much, then free hosting server is worth considering. But if you mean running business with your website, then you’d better eliminate free hosting server from your list.

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