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4 Guidelines of Web Designing

If you have any hesitation on the importance of a website, think again. A website is company or organization representation, so it will determine what consumers/clients think about your company. What you put on your site will influence users or future consumers to like or hate your products and services. Therefore, a good web design should be one of the first things you consider before create a business website.

When we discuss about influence, we have to think, not as a seller, but as a customers. As an online business person, the most important thing for your business is, creating a website that is well designed, eye catching, easy to navigate, highly usable, has good content, full of relevant information, has multiple purpose and can keep visitors stay on the site for a long time and also, make them come back again.

There are two types of website design:

  • Static Website Design, is based on simple HTML code
  • Dynamic Website Design is developed with more and complicated technologies based on the information provided in the database.

Guidelines of Website designing:

  • Creating a Template and well designed

Creating a template will help you to create each page of web site and how it will be displayed. You should place your entire page content within HTML tables and least usage of frames. Tables will enable you to do entire control over content. That is why tables are better than frames. If you use frames, you will find it hard to book mark individual pages of your site. You should use proper links. Make sure that the links of site are valid and lead to the original objective. Ensure that you get your website designed effectively.

  • Eye-catching

Web designing is the combination of creativity and design of presentation. Web page and presentation should be eye-catching. You should use attractive graphics and visual design to enhance the customer interaction. Don’t just decorate the page. Try to utilize meaningful graphics. As you know if we crossed our limit then there should be a problem. Use essential level of creativity and layout presentation. Web page looks more likely to be useful.

  • High-quality content and appropriate information

You should use best and interesting content. Avoid the description that lies beyond the homepage. Instead, load your site with worth stuffs which are more valuable and interesting than a abstraction. High-quality content enhances the value of your web designing. It should have clear, rich and proper idea. Therefore customers can easily browse through your site according to their needs and requirements.

  • Easy to navigate and highly usable

Navigation is the most important role in web designing. Try to provide your site with an effortless and suitable navigation of site. Search shows that visitors want to access a website with just least of 3 clicks and not more than that. Ensure that every area of your website is easily entrance within 3 clicks while web designing.

A good website is an asset for any organization. So the next time you think of getting a new website created or an existing website revamped, do keep the above mentioned points in mind.

Contact, talk about how you like your site will look like and get the best deal before you finally decide to go ahead with any of them.

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