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Umbraco Web Hosting

Umbraco is an ASP.Net open-source Content Management System (CMS) written in C#.

Umbraco is optimized for the presentation of human-readable and human-editable website content. It is a completely customizable system – in other words, you can do anything with umbraco, it’s just a matter of how and if you need to use technologies outside of the basic umbraco framework.

Umbraco is written using ASP.Net technology, but to create a website in umbraco you don’t need to know anything about programming in ASP.Net, or C#. You can create your entire website in umbraco’s web-based interface.

Stuff you can do with umbraco’s interface :

  • Create document types with whatever properties you want
  • Add/edit content on your site
  • Set your XHTML and CSS templates for different document types
  • Upload and use photos and other images
  • Create a basic membership system, to allow logged in people to view certain sections of your site
  • Create separate user accounts with customizable permissions to access the back-end to write, edit and publish content
  • Have a multi-lingual site
  • Create dynamic navigation and pull your content dynamically (aka showing “latest” items on the homepage)
  • Have your site consume RSS feeds

There are however, cool things you can do with your umbraco site if you know ASP.Net:

  • Integrate with external systems
  • Use web services
  • Create custom ASP.Net user controls and use them in umbraco pages

Seekdotnet as a hosting provider can support umbraco hosting with the requirements

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