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Make Money Online with Facebook Targeted Ads

facebook targeted ads

Nowadays, social media sites are at their peaks. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have millions of users whom coming from around the world. It is because social media offers so many benefits, from networking to marketing and selling products or services.

As the social media that has the most users, Facebook offers golden opportunity to create a community or fans base, promoting business and build relationship with potential customers. One of the ways that businesses try to make money on Facebook is by creating targeted ads. It is a perfect way if you want to reach a certain type of customer’s bases on their demographics, age, sex, interest, etc. All of these features will ensure you get the flexibility and affectivity of your ad.

Then how to create targeted ads on Facebook? Just follow this instruction which you can use for affiliate system and other businesses with some modifications.

1. Choose the product/services

First thing first. If you want to make money from Facebook ads, you must choose products/services that don’t violate any Facebook’s rules. Take a look at their FAQ and Policy.

2. Create a landing page

A landing page is a great way to provide information about your products or services, also gives you a change to do SEO. Make sure you get the best web hosting solutions for your landing page because it will sure effect your online presence.

3. Create an eye-catching image

The first thing people see from an ad is the image. Facebook allow space for image at the size of 110 x 80 that you have to make the most of it by creating an eye-catching image. Ensure that this image delivers the information of products & services that you sell.

4. Write appealing content

An appealing content started from an interesting title and headline. Your headline should be in 25 words or less and the content should up to 135 words.

5. Create the ad

After you sign in on your Facebook account, click the ‘Create ads’ button then enter your link (to the affiliate program/landing page). Choose your targeted audiences using filters of location, sex, age and keywords. Place the image, title and content that you have created. Then choose how much money you want to spend on the ad, minimum price is $1, also you can choose either CPC or CPM model for your ad. The duration time of your ad also available that you can choose the start and stop date of your ad to be displayed on Facebook.

6. Check before submitting

Check your ad thoroughly from any mistakes, enter your billing information then submit your ad.

If your ad get rejected it’s probably because you violate Facebook rules. Correct the issue or create another ad. If it gets approval then you can begin making money online, just make sure you check the progress and make changes if necessary.

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