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6 Unknown Google Tricks to Improve Your Search

Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine now. Almost all people use its service to find information. While we make Google as part of our live, we might miss something about this search engine; there are some tricks to make our search experience with Google become easier and effective. Below we have list of six Google tricks many people never know.


You may not know this, but yes you can use Google search engine as calculator. All you need is just type math problem in the search bar and Google will display the result in its SERP. For example, type 100 – 40 and Google will display 60 as the result.


If you are a business man who need current and correct information about stocks available in market, Google search can help you out. Simply just type the stock symbol in the search bar and Google will show you complete and current data about it. For example, type msft and Google will show you current stock information about Microsoft; stock quote price, chart and other related links.

Phone number

Google can help you to find information related to a phone number. Just enter a full phone number with its area code and Google will display name and address that associated with that number.

Local search

Want to find restaurant, gas station, bank or other place in your area; you can make use of Google Local to help you out. Go to , enter the area you are now or the area you wish to visit and put the keyword of place you are looking for. For example choose London as the area and type vegetarian restaurant and Google will display only vegetarian restaurants available in London at its SERP.

Find movies and weather in your area

This is easy; just type movies or weather followed by city and state or zip code and city on search bar. This act will make Google display current information about movie theaters and local weather in your area. For example, typing weather 07002 gives you the current weather conditions for Bayonne, New Jersey, USA. Typing movies 07002 gives you a link for show times for movies in that area.

Find PDF-only results

If you want to search many PDF files about some topic and wish Google search will understand you, you just need to add ‘fileType:’ to your search term. For example, you want to find PDF online articles about rain forest, then type: rain forest fileType:pdf. Google will display PDF-only documents at its SERP. This is a great way to find many PDF files in one click.

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