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5 Dos and Don`ts When Building an Attractive Website

When you are building a website for your own business, there are dons and don`ts rules that you have to pay attention to. Create a beautiful and attractive website is important to get many visitors to have a look to your website, browse through your products and service and at the end boost the sale number. Website is perfect place to greet your customers, but when you stuffed your website with too many images or videos, the visitors will feel overwhelmed and leave your website immediately.

To avoid such things to happen, here we have five dos and don`ts to build a beautiful and attractive website.


  • Keep your website clutter-free is essential to make visitors want to say for longer time in your website. Choose layout that is clean and easy to navigate around. Make sure you put important content and images in right place where everyone who visits the website will easily to find it. When you have well-executed website layout, people will see your website as more professional.
  • Only use high-resolution photo to let your visitors know what your website is about. Bad quality photo will be interpreted as unprofessional and inappropriate for your business and website. Beautiful photos can wrap countless lines of text, so you have to use it to bring own advantage to your website and business.
  • For colors and the backgrounds of your website, you can choose the color scheme and background that match well with your brand. For example, if you run girls accessories, it is logical to have pink or other soft and romantic color as the background of your website. If you sell organic products, then green is appropriate background color. The idea is to match the idea of your business into the color of your website. Easy!
  • If you decide to use buttons to let your visitors navigate easily through the website or other links, you have to use them in right manner. All you have to do when choose the word is to keep the wording as short and clear as possible. The limit is only 4 words, so do your best in wording selection.
  • For the content, keep it fresh and only write about current issue. Keep your contents up to date and have reliable sources.


  • Avoid placing too many images, banners, videos and long paragraph in your website. People like tidy and well-organized website.
  • Don`t put too many images to describe your website. One beautiful high-resolution photo is enough.
  • Say no to many colors and background that lead everyone`s attention into it instead to the content of your website.
  • Never put your buttons in hidden place. Put it in area which visitor`s eyes can capture its existence easily and click it.
  • Don`t write too long paragraph unless it is necessary to do so. people won`t spend hours to only stop in same page to finish the reading.

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