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10 Useful Internet Tricks

In this fast-paced world, internet is the best weapon to let you updated with different information. Internet is like gold mine for everyone because we can find almost everything we need there. While surf the internet is one of fun things to do and almost everyone can do that, but have you ever wonder to know internet tricks so your work can be more time-saving, free from fraud and more private? Well, there are many internet tricks available across the web pages, but here we sum it up to 10 tricks that will be practical and useful for you.

1. If you want to surf in private mode to make sure there are no one record your web habits, you can press Ctrl + shift + N for Google Chrome and Ctrl + shift + p for Firefox. This act will send you into incognito mode where your tabs won`t stick on your browser`s history, cookie store or search history after you close all the incognito tabs.

2. If you accidentally close a tab while surf wit Google Chrome, don`t bother to open your history to get that tab back. Simply just press Ctrl+Shift+T and you will that tab right away.

3. If you hate ads on website you visit, like YouTube or other websites, you can ask Adblock Plus to help you out. Install it and you will be free from those ads. We all hate ads when surf the web, right?

4. If you are too lazy to type the whole address like, you can just type yahoo on the URL bar and then press Ctrl + Enter and you will get the whole address on it.

5. Too lazy to move from your chair and grab your glasses because the text looks so small? You can press Ctrl + or Ctrl – to adjust the text sizes as you want; smaller or larger.

6. If you are buying something online, don`t finish the payment in the same day. Just leave your desired goods in your cart for a while, maybe a day and check your email because they seller or website will give you some of discount code and beg you to finish the purchase.

7. Try to find a definition of a word? Google translate might be enough, but sometimes we need more sources to the closest meaning. You can try this way; put define: e.g. define: sarcasm in front of the word into Google search bar and Google will short the result into the page with the definition inside.

8. Put the minus sign on your keyword to make more accurate search. E.g. Ed Sheeran – Taylor Swift, you will get search result about singer Ed Sheeran without any of Taylor Swift`s thing.

9. If you want to find certain textbooks through Google search, you can enter this form Book Title file type: PDF e.g.: Book Catching Fire file type: word, so Google will list the search result with your desired textbook only. So this way s much more time-saving while general search like put the book title will lead you too wide result.

10. If you need disposable email for certain reason and don`t want to use your email to avoid spam, you can use the service on website called 10 Minute Mail that allow you to create email that will vanish in 10 minutes only.

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