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Is Joomla SEO Friendly?

Joomla has been very popular as an easy to use content management system (CMS) but some argued that this CMS is not a best bet in terms of search engine friendliness. Surely, that kind of view must come from people who don’t know how to optimize the power of this cms.
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How to Protect Your Joomla Admin from Hackers

It is becoming more popular for hackers to try to brute force attack your Joomla administrator to gain access to your administrator. Using this method they bombard your admin form with thousands of usernames/password until they find the right combination. Since Joomla doesn’t let you choose the admin username when installing they already know the username, this makes it twice ...
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10 Tips to Confirm Your Joomla Site

More and more websites are created with Joomla as it become popular as one of the best and easy-to-use content management system (CMS). With Joomla many important web development services can be customized, like developing the corporate, personal, online magazines, government applications, interactive featured websites, etc. Joomla fits in all very perfectly. When using Joomla for building a website, it ...
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Free and Accessible CMS

Nowadays, to design an impressive website you don’t need to have an expert programming skill. Many website hosting providers offer free open source content management systems (CMS) that will help you to create professional-grade websites. These programs are all proficient of producing websites for the purposes of search engine optimization, depending on how they are designed and constructed and what ...
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Joomla Templates – How to Pick The Right One

Creating a website with Joomla design templates can save your time and money. Plus, using Joomla templates don’t require any design experiences to change website appearance. Professional web design template can help you a lot if you make right decision when choosing a template. There’re thousands of web templates over the Internet and you probably have difficulties to make your ...
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Joomla for Successful E Commerce Website

Recently, many web designers have chosen the CMS web development compared to other available methods for the design of client websites. This is not without reason, however. The flexibility and versatility of CMS are encouraging in web design professionals to use these applications for different web page designs. It is a misconception that only a personal blog and web sites ...
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